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Ugly Betty Icon Challenge


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ub_challenge is an icon challenge community. Weekly challenges are based on ABC's Ugly Betty TV Series.

You must join to see the challenges and to submit icons.

The basic schedule outline is posted in the sidebar at the community.

Founder/bannermaker is stellar_13.

I will probably be looking for more bannermakers in the future for when I get busy. But for now, ub_challenge will just have one.

The community is new so bare with me while I get it up and running. Sorry for broken links, they will be fixed.

The very first challenge will commence the following Monday when the community has 15 or more members. So please help promote ub_challenge. Buttons are further down this page.

1. Do NOT steal icons that are not yours and claim them as your own.
2. No hotlinking. Host images to your own server.
3. No spamming.
4. Respect everyone. No drama.
5. Rules may change without your consent or written notice.
6. Failure to abide by these and the entry/voting rules will result in your being banned from the community.

1. You Must be a member to sumbit an icon.
2. All icons must abide to Livejournal's icon rules. Icons cannot be larger than 100x100 pixels, cannot exceed the size limit of 40k, and they must be either .jpg, .gif or .png format.
3. Sumbit your icon in the following format. Put them in a comment in the appropriate entry regarding that specific challenge. All comments are screened so only you and the mods can see them.

Entry Format:


(thx to soapy_chk89 for the lovely icon.)

4. Each challenge has specific rules. Follow them or your icon will be disqualified.
5. All submissions must remain anonymous. Meaning, that you can't use the icon anywhere else until the challenge is over.
6. You must sumbit an icon that you made for the specific challenge. DO NOT STEAL OTHER PEOPLE'S ICONS and submit them as you own.

1. You don't have to be a member of the community to vote.
2. Don't vote for your icon.
3. Do not tell anyone to vote for your icon. You can tell them to vote for "their" top 3 and etc. But you CANNOT tell them which icon is yours. This way all winners have been fairly chosen.
4. Do not vote more than once.
5. When voting, please pick as many icons as stated in the respective voting post. (Usually up to three.)
6. Voting will either be in the format of a poll or the number system. The number system is when you rank your top 3 in order. All icons are numbered so the vote must be like this:


Best coloring: 7
Best cropping: 10
Most Creative: 1

- 1st place (most votes)
- 2nd place (2nd most votes)
- 3rd place (3rd most votes)
- Mod's Choice (picked by the mods and banner makers)
Although there is only one bannermaker and mod (me..lol) I will probably won't include a mod's choice until I get more bannermakers and mods.

Each icon can will only win one prize of the awards mentioned above, so the winner icons of first, second and third place automatically won't be up for Mod's Choice. If there aren't enough entries to cover all awards, I take the liberty to give out only as many awards as I see fit.

If there is a huge amount (15+) of icons in a particular challenge, there will be additional awards, such as Best Cropping, Best Colouring, Most Creative, and so on. All icons will have the chance to win the additional awards - Even the ones that won one of the regular awards.

All winners will receive award banners.



If you would like to become affiliates with ub_challenge, please post here with your community link and a banner if available. Specifications are all in the post.

For more buttons click here.

Use one of the images above and host them to your own server. Copy and paste the url where it says in the code given below.

The layout is based on premade_ljs's Header Swap #2 -Sweet Hearts Layout.
The header and background images are by stellar_lj.
Also, the additional customizations are by stellar_lj

If you have any questions or comments about ub_challenge, post them here. All questions will be answered asap.

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